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In2ition Magazine Short Story Contest Rules and Submissions


Short Story Contest: Accepting Submissions

About: “We are looking for writers that capture experiences before habits form—out of the box messages and stories that reach our readers’ minds.  We seek writers who tell their truths through their characters.  Writers who convince us as we read that we’ve found something no one else could have written.  We are looking forward to reading all unique styles and voices.”


Genre: All Fiction, Creative Nonfiction
Deadline: June 10, 2021

Word Count: 1500 words limit

  • 1st Place Award includes a $200 cash prize, winner’s story published in the Summer Issue, and Honored as In2ition’s Short Story Writer of the Year.

  • 2nd Place Award includes a $100 cash prize, this winner’s story published in the Fall Issue.

  • 3rd Place Award includes a $50 cash prize, this winner’s story published in the Winter Issue.

Manuscripts of high merit not selected for the final award may receive honorable mention.



Rules and Submission Guidelines

  • Although we value all writers and forms of creativity, this contest is for women only.  We are working to help women with their creative expression.

  • Submit a full-length short story in manuscript form. Submissions must be double-spaced in a standard twelve-point font (such as Courier or Times New Roman) and should not exceed 1500 words. The manuscript should be a Word file (.doc and .docx). Work must be previously unpublished.

  • Manuscripts under consideration for this competition may be submitted elsewhere simultaneously. Please withdraw your manuscript if another publisher or contest accepts it for publishing.  It should no longer be considered for this prize if it wins another contest or becomes published.




  • All entries must be submitted between February 15, 2021, and June 10, 2021.

  • Email submissions should be sent to

  • To submit by mail, please send manuscripts to email with.

    • Subject: In2ition Contest - followed by the title of your manuscript

              (Example: In2ition Contest – My Short Story Title)

  • Submissions must include a cover page listing your name, address, email address and/or telephone number, and the story title. We will not return manuscripts.

  • Pen names may be used for contests.  However, the cover page must show a legal name with the pen name clearly marked under the legal name.  Prizes will only be awarded in the legal name of the entry.

  • Writers may submit up to two (2) short stories but will only be eligible to receive one (1) prize per contest year.

  • There is no entry fee.

  • Current full-time or part-time faculty and staff of In2ition Magazine or Crystal City Publishing cannot enter the contest.

  • Both magazine staff and an independent panel will judge the contest.


Story Genres not accepted:

  • We do not accept writings with explicit language, nudity, or erotica. 

  • We are not interested in poems, prose poems, formal poems, blank verse, free verse.

  • We do not publish academic essays or purely journalistic writing.

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