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Christmas Gift Guide for Your Man

The holidays are right around the corner, so the time is now to build that list of things to get for your man in time for Christmas! It’s never too early to start because we all know how notoriously hard men are to buy for.

Let’s be real: shopping for the men in our lives is difficult enough because,

honestly, they always buy what they want or need for themselves when the urge comes up. So, can you imagine the pressure of getting a Christmas gift for your significant other that you haven’t gotten for past birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmases?

Fortunately, we at In2ition have just the list for you! From practical gifts for your minimalist husband to the “lazy” boyfriend who doesn’t like leaving his gaming set up, this list has it all! Time to stroll, shop, and get that perfect gift to surprise your significant other!

Hydroflask/Yeti Rambler

You can’t go wrong with gifting this practical essential! If your man is still buying and drinking from plastic water bottles, this is a great gift for him to hydrate in style! Plus, you’re saving the environment too!

Date Night Scratcher/Sexy After Date Night Scratcher

If you’ve been together for a while, it’s easy to fall into the same routine and run out-of-date ideas. So, if you’re itching for something new or even just some different date ideas, these scratch cards are a great stocking stuffer! Plus, if you want something a little spicier to do after your date nights, I’ve included a link to an Etsy shop that I enjoy shopping from.

Electric Hot Pot

This is for my girlies with a “lazy” boyfriend like me who can’t be bothered to leave his desk to get something to eat. My boyfriend used to cook all his food in the microwave before we got him an air fryer. With the winter air settling in, this will most likely change his life! The one I linked below doesn’t require a plug and can cook anything from fried rice, sauté meat and veggies, and be used as a hot pot.

Minimalist Vertical Wallet or a Money Clip

Hear me out. He probably has a wallet already, but it’s likely bulky or even falling apart at this point. My boyfriend was literally using a rubber band to keep all his cards and cash together. Just get him the wallet and spare you both the embarrassment of his wallet falling apart or him using a rubber band to keep things together like mine did. I’ve linked one below for the one I got my boyfriend, and it is perfect for the minimalist husband/boyfriend since it can hold up to 8 cards and cash!

A Quality Hoodie/Jacket

I think this is a win-win for you and your significant other! If you find yourself always stealing his hoodies or jackets, now is the time to get him a new one, so you can “borrow” it later on. Think of it as an investment for both of you!

Friendship Distance Lamps

I haven’t forgotten about our long-distance readers! This gift is great for those in long-distance relationships since it’s a fun way to stay connected with your boo from afar and comes with cute features!

We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game

This has been a favorite on social media since it allows you to open up and be vulnerable to the people you’re playing with. There’s always something new to discover about your partner, even if you think you know everything about him. They also have a couple’s versions that I’ve linked below! Who knows, maybe you’ll find something new about your significant other you never knew about!

Care Package of Goodies or Homemade Baked Goods

Who doesn’t love receiving something homemade and baked with love? I’ve done this for my boyfriend for most, if not all, of his gifts for the four years we’ve been together. Let me tell you, watching him light up when he sees it makes all the effort worth it. But if you’re not much of a baker yourself, then a care package of his favorite snacks and drinks is the next best thing! Add a handmade note with a cute love message, and it’s a great gift!

Concert Tickets or Take a Class Together

If your significant other is more of an “experience” kind of person, then this is the perfect gift for you both. Gifting an experience will also give you lifelong memories with your favorite person, which is better than any gift. Gift your man concert tickets to a group you both like and make the most of it! Or take a class together and make it a date night! Whether it’s a cooking class or a wine-tasting session, it’s all up to you!

Plan a Local Trip & Itinerary

Take the guesswork out of planning a trip for him and do it yourself. It’s always nice to take a short getaway to reset, and now is the perfect excuse to do so! Instead of planning that far-away trip to Europe, treat him to a local stay with a planned-out schedule! Plus, with Valentine’s Day being the next major couple’s holiday after Christmas, I highly suggest you do it around then!

Figuring out Christmas gifts can quickly become a hassle, especially if you have more friends and family members than you can count. So, don’t forget to get a little something for yourself too! Hopefully, this comprehensive list gives you an idea of what to get your man this year for Christmas, so the hard part is almost over. Happy shopping!

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