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In2ition is an American women's lifestyle, empowerment, and self-help magazine covering health, wealth & finance, art & culture, home & living, business, and family.  In2ition also reports on trends, fashion, education, politics, investing, and other topics of interest to women.  In2ition Magazine showcases the writings and artistic talent of women. 


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Women with Sparklers

The Voices of Women - When you know that you know


Moving Women Forward - The things important to us.

The Mission:  To relate to, teach and educate, enlighten, counsel, publicize, promote, and empower women.

Through its articles, messages, and images, In2ition will transcend any one platform and deliver powerful relationships that influence and inspires women. It will cause powerful thinking and enact changes in women. This mission is a movement to take women to New Levels.

We are always looking for writers, artists, and photographers.  If you would like to showcase your talents, contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

In2ition Staff

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