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An Empowered Woman

There is nothing more alluring than an empowered woman. She can be single, married, a mother, sister, aunt, or friend. Her grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness, and benevolence shine on everyone she meets.


Knowledge Is Power

Whether you are a young woman or well seasoned in age, don't be fooled by those who say you don't have to read now.  They share information like this with you because they either don't or can't read.  But an empowered woman is educated through traditional means like college or self-education. We support both.  Reading and learning new things is one of the most dynamic skills you can do for yourself.    Remember, you can always learn by reading or listening to a book or by taking a class.


In this male-dominated society, women often feel that they, too, must use firm and masculine traits to excel in life. Nothing could be further from the truth. For women, our femininity is our strength. Femininity looks very different from masculinity when seen in action. This creative, collaborative, nurturing, and phenomenally intuitive nature will cause women to stand out and tower above the rest. Your #1 Goal should be to learn everything you can about Divine Femininity and then implement it in your life.


Many women feel they must be the know-all, tell-all, do-all, and be-all for their jobs, homes, and family.  This type of thinking is outdated and frankly overrated.  Yes, each woman carries the Superwoman trait with her at all times.  But even, Superman, only transformed when necessary.  He spent most of the time running around happy as Clark Kent. That story is symbolic of what women must do.  Take off your cape, relax, and spend time happily loving, nurturing, and caring for yourself.  Self-love is mandatory, with no exceptions.


A few suggested tools to guide you on your EMPOWERMENT journey.

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