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Euphoric Sun

25-Year-Old Makeup Phenom Making Moves in the West

Imagine launching your own business. It would be exciting but a little scary, right? Now, imagine being 23 years old and launching that business amid a pandemic with no end in sight. It seems terrifying, but this wasn’t the case for Sun Li, the 25-year-old owner of Euphoric Sun.

Sun Li is the founder and owner of Euphoric, a cosmetics and accessories business inspired by Asian culture. Her online business recently celebrated its second anniversary in September. Although she majored in engineering, Sun always wanted to be an entrepreneur. When she graduated in 2020, during the height of the pandemic, there were, unsurprisingly, no jobs readily available. So, to combat that, she launched Euphoric Sun in September 2020. It was the perfect time to start an online business since virtually the entire world was confined to their homes, and the online business world was booming.

Yet, Sun did have one fear of starting her Asian culture-inspired business in 2020. During this time, there was an increase in Asian hate crimes across the nation. Many people blamed China for the pandemic. Sun’s goal was to connect other Asian Americans to their childhood nostalgia growing up and connect more with their culture. She still stands by that goal today and even feels touched when customers reach out to her. “Anytime a customer tells me that my products and content connect them with their culture and that they learned a little more about their culture, it’s really cool,” she says.

Her goal is to educate. All the content she posts on socials, whether it is stories about ancient Chinese myths or makeup tutorials using her products, educates everyone about Asian culture and shows the beauty of the culture. She continues to hope that through some of the products, stories, and education, others will see the beauty of the culture and be more accepting of Asian culture, especially in light of the stigma caused by the pandemic.

Although her target audience is typically women around the ages of 18-25, she wants to make it known that her products are for everyone, “The ‘everyone’ part is that anyone can learn about Asian culture, so that’s why I say it’s for everyone. And makeup doesn’t discriminate. You can wear makeup, no matter who you are – that is why it’s for everyone.” Sun mentioned that she often receives comments from people who are not Asian, asking whether they can use her makeup.

When asked about starting her business in 2020 and if she had any advice for women contemplating starting their own business, she shared some excellent advice. “I probably should’ve waited longer, but at that point, I felt like I couldn’t wait anymore. And I just told myself that I have to go for it. It would have taken much longer if I had continued dragging it out. You don’t know what will happen or what mistakes there will be until you launch, so I went for it. And I did in a month!”

Sun had a personal story behind her first product. She says, “My first product was lashes! When we started out, we weren’t an Asian-inspired brand. We were just like cute. But I wanted to connect with my childhood. I don’t know why. It makes me feel kind of sad and happy. But yeah, I created this brand for the girl I wanted to be when I was younger. So, when I first started the brand, it was mostly cute, pastel colors – that’s why I said it was something that makes everyone smile, something that’s for everyone since it’s meant to bring out the inner you, basically.”

Despite there being a good number of makeup brands run by Asian women worldwide, what distinguishes Euphoric Sun from the rest is that there is no other makeup brand that is Asian culture inspired, particularly in the U.S. Being different can be both a good and bad for a small business, like Sun’s. While Euphoric Sun is unique, people often need to discover and know about the shop and understand it before purchasing.

Although Euphoric Sun is more known on social media for its makeup, Sun says that her #1 best-selling products are her bags and makeup palettes, especially her water-activated eyeliners since they last a long time and can mix different colors.

You can find Sun’s shop on her website, where you can purchase her products and stay updated on the shop. It’s also worth noting that, on the website, if you’re unsure of what to get or don’t know what would match you best, she has a “favorites quiz” that you can take to help you decide! Be sure to subscribe to her email newsletter to be notified of future promotions by scrolling to the bottom to sign up for email notifications!

Euphoric Sun isn’t like your ordinary makeup shop. There is something for everyone! For all your makeup and aesthetic needs, stop by Sun’s website to place your order and follow her social media to stay updated on her shop’s journey and Asian culture!

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