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Fitness Changes to Fit Modern Times

The fitness industry has long been a captivating market for American society. Nowadays, everyone talks about staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle. People have upgraded their routine by adding activities, such as intuitive eating, intermediate fasting, exercising, and checking their stress and metabolic levels.

Exercise is never a size one fits all. Some people prefer weightlifting. Other people like cardio or yoga. Physical activity has proven to help mental health, and it creates a fit body inside out.

The traditional way of practicing exercises is by enrolling in physical classes. But the latest technology has allowed apps and trackers to motivate individuals to achieve their goals. Today, women have multiple tasks to complete by the end of the day. By the time we go through the multi-tasking of most days, hitting the gym becomes a whole other project.

Fitness apps and smartwatches allow women to get their daily fitness dose. Both methods are more feasible and allow easy access for women to exercise anywhere they want.

Another beneficial fitness technology that has helped women immensely is YouTube exercises.

One fitness influencer, Chloe Ting, used YouTube to educate and show people that exercise from the comfort of their own bedroom, which helped many in the unprecedented times of being quarantined during the pandemic. She currently has over 2 million people who follow her short and quick fitness workouts. Her exercises helped women battle weight and body image issues

during a time when stepping out of the house was a traumatic experience.

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