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The Dreaded “H”

Understanding and Mastering Hormones – Women 101

Now, before you get hormonal and decide to skip right over this article, thinking you’re not interested in that boring medical nerd stuff. Pause just for a few moments to go on this journey with me. I’ll do my best to point out, entertain, and chat only a bit, but keep things moving,

sharing golden nuggets along the way.

We’ve heard a lot about hormones affecting women’s functions and lives. Therefore, as we quickly dive into the quest for answers, let’s focus on –

The What, Where, Why, and Next of Hormones

So, what are hormones, and why do they impact our lives so much?

Hormones are the “chemical messengers or couriers” that take messages from one endocrine gland to another endocrine gland or a specific organ in the body.

What messages do hormones carry? It has been said that hormones are mental energy that drives unconscious activities and instincts. Some auto reactions include unknowingly tapping your feet to the music, concealed phobias, emotions, and random thoughts you can’t control.

Today’s science estimates that 95% percent of the brain’s activity is an unconscious activity. This means that most of the decisions we make and the actions we take are based on information in the background that is beyond our conscious awareness. So, you better believe that hormones and their messages have much to do with every function within and around us.

Where are hormones? Simple answer - Everywhere. Remember the endocrine gland from above? Well, hormones are produced in these glands. The major hormone-producing endocrine glands are the pituitary, pineal, thymus, thyroid, adrenal glands, and pancreas. In addition, women produce hormones in their ovaries. Hormones travel in our bloodstream to all parts of our bodies.

Why is this important for us to know and understand? Well, mainly because hormones are powerful. It takes only a tiny amount to cause big changes in cells or even your whole body. In addition to hormones being responsible for bringing about the physical changes that turn a girl into a woman during puberty, hormones control heart rate, sleep cycles, and much more.

  • Want to know why you can’t lose weight or why you are stuck on the Yo-Yo of lose-gain-lose-gain in your weight loss journey? HORMONES

  • Binge Eating? HORMONES

  • Do you have problems getting pregnant? HORMONES

  • Are you feeling moody? In a good mood or a bad mood? Agitated before, during, or after your monthly cycles? HORMONES

  • Are you flashing? Has your body temperature raised, making you feel like an inferno? HORMONES

  • Feeling horny can’t get enough or just not in the mood now or hardly ever? Vaginal dryness?

What the...? Yep, that too. HORMONES control our sexual libido also.

A dive into hormones exploring women's health.

And just think, hormones control or influence much more than what’s on the list above.

Hormones are very powerful and overpowering, even causing us to do and feel extreme experiences. Geez...

Instead of blaming it on the alcohol… Women, let’s blame it on the hormones.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

But seriously, as you see, these hormones are a big deal. Our hormones significantly affect our physical, mental, and emotional states, causing good and bad mood patterns and behaviors. They even affect our mental views of ourselves and the world. Therefore, regulating our hormones can significantly improve and balance our health and wellbeing, along with resolving disorders.

And... That’s the Next...

In the next article, we will discuss the types of hormones and introduce ways to help regulate them.

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