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Unlocking: Generation Z

A look into Gen Z and how they’re changing societal expectations

What would you say if we were to ask you to describe each generation? Would you describe the Boomers as the oldest child? An economically influential generation, ‘lucky’ because they could afford to buy a home and lived during economic prosperity? Will Generation X be forever labeled as the middle child that is often overlooked? Would you make fun of Millennials for being the group obsessed with social media on computers instead of a click away on their phones?

The point is that each generation has a culture, a vibe, and different characteristics and values than the previous generation. When you look at the current generation, Gen Z, compared to past groups, it’s comical to see just how different Gen Z are, especially looking at careers and family values.

Generation Z is a group that has been continuously introduced to technological advances. Their three camera-lensed phones, instead of one, seem to be planted in their hands at all times, and they may randomly break into a dance or two. They are still an ongoing research project, bringing in new slang words and facial expressions that have continuously dumbfounded past generations, but they have established a persistent presence in the workforce.

Forbes states that Gen Z excels in competitive work environments that encourage independence. They aim to have a career where they are catered to.

As a result, many companies have adjusted their policies to implement more flexibility in scheduling and opportunities, including remote work. The oldest members of Generation Z have lived their early to mid-twenties through a global pandemic and a recession, and they have absolutely no remorse about walking away from a company that doesn’t meet their needs.

Family is a beautiful achievement that many people dream of pursuing someday, but not this current generation. Members of Gen Z have neglected this societal expectation and are not afraid to say it, no matter the amount of disapproval they receive. They have started to see marriage and kids as unessential to their happiness, causing declining rates in both categories.

Generation Z is instead focusing on encouraging a diverse environment around them where the traditional family is no longer expected. They are becoming the group that is implementing the changes and acceptance that others before us have fought tirelessly, all while keeping in mind that there is still much work to be done.

Generation Z has proven to be relentless and assertive. We’ll continue to see them strive to change our society for the better according to their standards. No matter how confused their antics may often leave us.

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