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Ballin on a Budget

Worried about how to give gifts to all your friends and family? On a tight budget? Christmas, New Year’s, and 2023 are on the way! There will be birthdays, anniversaries, and gift-giving days. Here are some pro tips from me.

The holiday season is here, and huge deals are something no one wants to miss. Now, this may sound like repetition. Or some of you guys may know about holiday deals already. But I am here to inform the “ins-and-outs,” if you will, on how and where to shop smart. Not only locations but my strategies and even some apps to download as well. Feel free to tell your family members or friends all about this.

The Deals and Secrets

“Don’t sleep on department stores!” Stores like Ross, Burlington TJ Maxx, Five, and Below are great opportunities for secret deals on some name brands and designer clothing, and other items.

Also, another tip. Consider buying summer clothes right now because it would be a lot cheaper.

For those who shop after Black Friday, here is your buyer’s guide for online deals:

Gamestop: for all my gamers. GameStop has sales on select items.

Bestbuy: Sales and deals are happening right now through the New Year! From TVs to appliances, computers, watches, and all things. For instance, my sisters and I bought a Roku - Streaming Stick® 4K Streaming Device for half off. It went from $49.99 to $24.99. Saved $25!

Walmart: Laptops, clothes, shoes, toys, TV, etc.

Target: Look for those buy 2 get 1 free deals on video games, puzzles, and books. Also, look for those price match guarantees.

There are deals online and sales in stores. is another website for great cheap miscellaneous items. The website has a sale every year. is a popular shopping website for super cute and trendy outfits, and it has free shipping on Sundays only.

Wayfair has a Way Day Deal. has products such as furniture, home decor, area rugs, wall art, and even Christmas decorations. Deals include up to 80% off. Shop early and all year. Although October 27 has passed, you can still be able to catch it next year.

Another app I want to put you guys on is called Too Good To Go. It is a service where your phone lets you connect to restaurants and stores with extra unsold food. The other day, I got a box of half a dozen donuts for only $5, which can be a great holiday gift when you’re on a budget.

Lastly, DIY projects will be your ultimate saving grace for being cost-efficient. Examples of holiday gifts include gift baskets, homemade goods - cookies, brownies, DIY Cards, Photoshop-printed images, and collages, making them much more personable.

Another alternative (not really a hands-on physical gift), but I recommend using an online gift card app called CardSnacks: ecards, greetings. There is an option to add money to the virtual card. I use it because sending cards via text or email is more convenient than paying for mailing services.

Additional tip. Set a dedicated amount of money to spend during the holidays and for gifts. Whether you save a paycheck from work or save small amounts of money over time, gift gifting doesn’t hurt your bank account.

To all my “baddies” on a budget: “ball” on a budget.

It’s okay. This year, get ready to shop till you drop while still saving a pretty penny.

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