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Is it Love? Or is it because it’s Cuffing Season?

Winter has officially arrived, and with the weather getting colder and the days becoming shorter, the cuffing season has also arrived. To put it simply, cuffing season is

the period between early fall and late winter when single people seek short-term relationships to pass the loneliness and chill of the colder months. As a result, they are then “cuffed” to a serious relationship until the middle of February. Why the middle of February, you ask? It’s because Valentine’s Day rolls around during that time and is typically when couples can either decide to stay together for a long-term relationship or go their separate ways instead.

However, before winter fully settles in and you decide to take part in cuffing season, it should be known that it can be emotionally demanding and emotionally draining. Since the “championship game” is on Valentine’s Day, the cuffing season has a specific strict schedule that has to be followed to make it to the championship. There are seven stages of cuffing season, and they are as follows:

I. Stage One: Scouting

(Aug. 1st – 31st)

Summer flings start to end around this time since the end of summer is around the corner, so it’s best to start early and start finding potentials online or in person!

II. Stage Two: Drafting

(Sept. 1st – 30th)

It’s time to pick your top candidates, so be prepared to go on several first dates soon!

III. Stage Three: Tryouts

(Oct. 1st – 31st)

A lot of first dates, which means a lot of frogs to go through! But that doesn’t mean it has to be painful. With fall in full swing, think of all the possibilities! From the pumpkin patch to visiting a Halloween store together, these dates will have you falling in love!

IV. Stage Four: Preseason

(Nov. 1st – 30th)

You’ll likely have gone through lots of frogs at this, probably too many. But what matters is that you’ve chosen at least one or two top prospects to be serious about. Go on a few more dates to pick your top match to go to your Thanksgiving family dinner with!

V. Stage Five: Cuffing Season

(Dec. 1st – Jan. 15th)

This is typically when cuffing season “officially” starts since meeting the family during Thanksgiving is already over and done with. With Christmas and New Year’s left, make sure you’re making the right decision with your cuffing partner because you’ll likely be stuck with them until the holiday season is over.

VI. Stage Six: Playoffs

(Jan. 16th – Feb. 13th)

Congratulations, you’ve survived the holidays together! Now it’s time to consider the long-term potential and see if you can be in a long-term relationship with them.

VII. Stage Seven: Championship Game

(Feb. 14th)

If you both decide to work out, offer official girlfriend/boyfriend or girlfriend/boyfriend status and celebrate Valentine’s Day together as an official couple! However, if you both don’t decide to be together, that is absolutely okay too! Don’t sweat it!

Look at the dates above if you want to know what stage your new relationship is in now! If your relationship falls under any of those stages and you see the pattern, then you might likely find yourself in a cuffing season situationship!

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